Each meeting of the Council has both Print and Digital competitions. A Judge will critique and score each image entered. - Division Definitions

There are four (4) Digital Divisions - Pictorial, Nature, Travel, and Photojournalism and two (2) Print Divisions - Color and Monochrome.

In all digital Divisions there are 3 Classes A, AA, AAA. Definitions for all Digital Divisions are the same in PSA and council.

Members may enter up to two (2) digital images and prints in any number of divisions, accompanied by a completed form and $1 for each division entered.

Members will be moved annually based on scores.  Approximately 6 members in AAA, 8 members in AA and the balance in A.  This count can differ in the event of ties, Division Chairs will decide on the placement after the end of year competition.


Required Forms:


Print Label Writeable


Print Label Typeable


Payment form


To enter digital competitions, you need to sign up with Visual Pursuits.   


Visual Pursuits Form - Complete and email to Tim (email is on the form)